Wintery Road

When you're deciding
which way to go
a wintertime scene
might begin to grow.
It might display sights
as white snow of time
while the wheels roll
inside of your mind.
Choosing a pathway
a journey to drive
as the motor rumbles
with want to arrive.
A wintertime scenario
of lifetimes to see
can become one day
your own history.
When you're deciding
which way to turn
the wheels within you
might start to churn.
A Christmastime scene
with glorious views
becomes as a dream
a moment to choose.
Look deep within you
and find you a place
a time to unwind
and then to embrace.
Search for a style
your heart can decode
a Christmastime mind
down a wintery road.
©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2019

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