Wintertime's Past

Things I remember
now stand so tall
children of Christmas
the moments enthrall.
Echoes of snowflakes
scenes come alive
in wintertime's past
with momentous drive.
Seasonal glimmers
I'll never lose sight
of children playing
in cold snow so white.
The coldness forgotten
as I now remember
as wintertime's past
burns as a ember.
The time is so alive
as blessings divine
in wintertime's past
a most wonderful time.
I have many pictures
of those distant days
those wintertime scenes
with wondrous displays.
Christmases of then
as hearts beating true
living in my memories
my mind's eye to view.
Now but only shadows
that my memories cast
these are as heartbeats
my wintertime's past.
©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2019

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