Winters Arrival

Snow covered scenes
as white as can be
become as a dream
for many to see.
Winter white places
found to become
many smiling faces
beneath winter's sun.
The snowflakes fell
becoming as sights
as a wondrous detail
of Christmas delights.
Snow covered paths
that became as a road
as times of the past
most surely bestowed.
The sun fades away
in cloud covered skies
as night meets day
right before our eyes.
Each Christmas scene
within the white snow
displays everything
as a wonderful show.
Such as a snowstorm
as a heavenly kiss
that surely can form
a season of bliss.
With each snowflake
that falls to Earth
to become wide awake
as life of rebirth.
Each scene we find
might surely unfold
a Christmas design
from a day of old.
A time we recall
a moment's revival
that now stands tall
as winter's arrival.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 3,  2019

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