Winter Says Hello

Seen through a doorway
of a seasonal gain
snowflakes were falling
upon my window pane.
Time began telling of
a season of white
a time that I remember
and do so delight.
I then saw a train track
far across the way
that enhanced my vision
of a Christmassy day.
The track was well hidden
with snow thereupon
as winter says hello
and time goes on and on.
Passing in my view then
life began its style
as the white snow glistened
and even seemed to smile.
I know that more will fall
as wintertime unfolds
showing burning embers
of how that winter rolls.
Winter creates beauty
where ugly was before
as it shows the memories
we thought was nevermore.
Grass might be protruding
through the shallow snow
as the days bring beauty
and winter says hello.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26,  2018

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