Winter Revisits

Signs of the times
that snowflakes fell
might then revisit
as seconds compel.
The moments within
as a mere memory
becomes as winter
and a snowscape sea.
Flowing as an ocean
with ripples of white
as winter revisits our
minds in the nights.
Dreams become alive
as textures so sweet
tasty snow ice cream
the best then to eat.
Winter's a blessing
that many overlook
always complaining
it's a little mistook.
Winter brings joy
as Christmas delight
the season of Jesus
that shines so bright.
Then winter's scenes
become as a door
given for a moment
for us to explore.
Lifetimes of winter
can bring into view
snowflakes falling
fresh and brand new.
For as winter revisits
our moments in time
it gives a chance for
a peaceful mind.
Think of the blessings
the snow filled days
when winter revisits
to remove the grays.
©By Bill Pearce
Jun 12,  2019

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