Winter Of Then

Life is as artwork
in a season's delight
as winter's snowflakes
within day and night.
As I remember
a time way back when
I then encompass
the winter of then.
It was the beginning
to a different array
as winter of then
went on to display.
Painting the hillsides
with snow fluffy white
winter of then was
such a magical sight.
It unlocked my dreams
of things wished to see
as the winter of then
the heavens gave free.
Trees in the distance
held snow in the wake
as all their branches
would shimmy and shake,
This was a special
time that I remember,
the first then of many
with snow in December.
I now each Christmas
the same as back when
have white snow falling
as the winter of then.
©By Bill Pearce
Jan 26,  2018

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