Winter of Christmas

Looking to the past
there are reflections
mirrored type views
of God's creations.
Snow on the ground
as white landscapes
textured fluffy white
in wintertime shapes.
With a sea of snow
creating each view
as a Christmas scene
with a wonderful hue.
It becomes so alive
as I look there upon
a winter of Christmas
while singing a song.
Songs on the radio
create such a sight
as sleigh bells ringing
Christmas eve night.
Children can imagine
old Santa and sleigh
flying across the sky
in a magical way.
There may be a few
adults that remember
the way that they felt
in times of December.
As children they were
with heartfelt desires
winter of Christmas
and crackling fires.
Times of the past
we remember so well
we've reflected upon
as a story to tell.
A season so joyful
a season full of bliss
winter of Christmas
we now reminisce.
©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29,  2019

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