Winter Comes Knocking

With just the essence
of cold and snow
winter comes knocking
to tell us hello.
It breathes in deeply
to let loose a sign
one of a moment
nearing Christmastime.
It opens up its mouth
to unleash a phase
as snowflakes becoming
the essence of days.
Then as they're falling
they become a song
magic of Christmas
so many sing on and on.
The song creates style
as joy from within
forming our perspective
for life to enter in.
Becoming as a journey
that we can embrace
as wintertime scenes
show a Christmassy face.
The sky may be blue,
but time will tell
as the clouds will form
with snowy detail.
The sky will unleash
snowflakes talking
floating gracefully
winter comes knocking.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2020

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