Winter's Sheen

With time ticking
as a clock on the wall
the season's beginning
stands high above all.
It shines reflections
of the season's delight
within the portions
of wintertime white.
Glimmering beauty
as a season's display
found as the echoes
a Christmastime day.
Centered around snow
so fluffy and cold
it creates glistening
time that's foretold.
It may seem chilling
with snow all around
a wintertime sight
with so much astound.
Just like a moment
you might remember
a fireplace burning
amidst one December.
A seasonal doorway
that swings as a smile
opening memories
for times to compile.
Look deep within them
each wonderful scene
and find the magic
within winter's sheen.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30,  2019

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