Winter's Revival

Many love summer,
but only complain
of the heat that comes
along with the rain.
I am a winter one
and seek for the snow
timeless perceptions
 and Christmassy glow.
A winter's revival
is a great sight to see
a time that defines
what's best for me.
Christmastime essence
as scenes come alive
when snowflakes fall
from the wintery skies.
A time I remember
and a time I look for
as a winter's revival
just like times before.
Scenes as dreams
that live in my mind
as the magical places
become well defined.
Such an explosion
of beauty and love
as the season of joy
from Heaven above.
The time of year
I wait for its arrival
scenes snowy white
as a winter's revival.
©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2019

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