Winter's Field

Intertwined moments
turnstiles of time
Christmas persuasions
display as a rhyme.
Seeming as a portrait
without a face
winter's field becomes
a magical place.
Trees within a moment
become as a bond
uniting the viewpoints
dusk unto dawn.
Snow covered visions
in scenic details
are as living windows
a moment prevails.
With beginnings begun
as timeless cuisines
 a field that's of winter
becomes as dreams.
Created by snowflakes
as time gives way
a winter's field shows
a wondrous display.
One of enlightenment
more of a glow
a stage of Christmas
and wintertime snow.
Time prevails purpose
for all of its yield
as magical doorways
within winter's field.
©By Bill Pearce
June 6,  2020

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