Winter's Beauty

Among the snowflakes
life is displayed
as a wintertime feel
a moment has made.
With winter's beauty
in wondrous design
becomes such a scene
that minutes define.
Seeming like cotton,
yet cold as can be
winter comes alive
as a frigid pageantry.
It displays emotions
of a Christmas appeal
within winter's beauty
as a seasonal feel.
Homes on our journeys
become such a sight
as the winter's beauty
displays that of white.
Snow on the roadways
as passages to time
becomes as a memoir
of a fabulous find.
A Christmas scene
as a magical place
when snowflakes fall
and land on your face.
It is winter's beauty
as it puts on a show
a Christmassy gleam
in wintertime's snow.
©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2018

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