Walking Through

A snowy white sight
can enlighten a smile
while walking through
to times that compile.
Seeming as a window
or a doorway in time
ones can find beauty
if they seek the design.
Scenes become alive
with a wintertime feel
scented of time frames
with Christmas appeal.
Look on beyond now
and find a true heart
a place within scenery
as a time's work of art.
Maybe as a moment
of a second to view
a time might unleash
true blessings for you.
It might be a heartbeat
or maybe just a sight
as times while walking
in wintertime's white.
You might find alive
a place you remember
a time that you found
within one December.
A moment you recall
that lives within you
is now just a memory
time walking through.
©By Bill Pearce
Mar 17,  2020

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