Walking In The Snow

Enjoying snowflakes
as a breath of fresh air
kids are found walking
without not a care.
I gave a wave then
and they waved at me
as they walked onwards
in snow fluffy free.
On a wintertime day
with snow falling down
I saw some children
just walking around.
They were so joyful
they gave me a smile
in a Christmassy scene
of a wintery while.
They soon came over
and asked me to play
as they tossed snowballs
at me then that day.
We had some fun then
that Christmas delight
a time I remember
as a winter of white.
The snow fell quickly
and covered their steps
leaving not a trail
to the right or the left.
It was a God filled day
with blessings to grow
when I saw these kids
just walking in the snow.
©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24,  2018

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