Dreams of a moment
begin with a time
a place you remember
that lives in your mind.
Maybe a dreamworld
that you wish to be
as a time and a place
so happy and free.
Sitting on a bench
that's laden with snow
dreaming of a time
that was so long ago.
Finding tranquillity
in a winter white day
begins then within
in a magical way.
The whiteness of snow
that's gathered around
can bring your dreams
right then to be found.
Scented with aromas
of a Christmassy world
textured with snowflakes
as moments unfurled.
Tranquilizing sadness
and illuminating smiles
will give you hopeful
as prayerful compiles.
A Christmastime essence
of a moment you see
can be the thing
to give you tranquillity.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4,  2018

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