Tossing Snowballs

December days
I remember so well
are as a wonderful
story to tell.
Time comes alive
with a magical look
pages of ages
of memories book.
Seeing loved ones
playing in snow
wishing it to last,
but yet had to go.
Beloved scenes of my
granddaughter's eyes
seeing white snow as
a Christmas surprise.
Tossing snowballs
that day at her mom
is a time I remember
of which now is gone.
In photos I see them
in my eyes today
tossing snowballs
in a wintery way.
Seeing their smiles
of joy and laughter
is still sought within
as time ever after.
I seek for the minutes
that my heart enthralls
to once again see them
tossing snowballs.
©By Bill Pearce
Jun 5,  2019

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