To Christmasville

We might discover
a road through time
a scenic journey
such a magical find.
It might show sights
of glistening snow
to Christmasville
a town all aglow.
Coming over a hill
you might see dreams
this scenic town
of wonderful things.
Just like a storybook
of a timeless tale
a wintertime sight
of a Christmas bell.
Heard as blessings
such a Heavenly tune
ringing of peace
as heartbeats attune.
Connecting rhythms
of fragrant arrays
to that of magical
Christmas holidays.
Enjoy the journeys
that come into view
as light of day
displays times anew.
Look for the scenes
on a journeys hill
as you travel on
to Christmasville.
©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2020

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