Timeless Desires

Links to emotions
wintertime's ways,
the past shows scenes
of old fashioned days.
Life as a snowflake
and building of wood,
timeless desires
so firmly withstood.
Found as memoirs
of white snowy scenes,
timeless desires
still display the means.
Glittering brightly
as Christmas divine
as the snow billows
within its design.
Leftover memories
that still have a breath,
breathed as emotions
that never found death.
They're still displaying
an old wooden style
as timeless desires,
a Christmastime smile.
Timeless yet living
as passed days surprise,
Christmas of essence
that moments contrive.
Seen as the echoes
that winter acquires,
found as blessings of
timeless desires.
©By Bill Pearce
Sept 7,  2017

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