Then To There

Depicting a minute
that moments bestow
needs of the wording
a time to and fro.
Time frames to then
and seconds to there
find in the afterglow
life everywhere.
Maybe as a snowflake
or maybe as a tree
gathered by a time
that's now history.
Counting the minutes
of wintertime's glow
might display moments
filled full of snow.
For as a heartbeat
looks with its eyes
the sights found of then
might be in the skies.
Clouds floating softly
in a deep sky of blue
might be transforming
into a much better view.
A Christmassy essence
of a time we recall
of a snowy white day
that came after fall.
It made my memories
of Christmas to air
as I looked outwards
towards then to there.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 29,  2018

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