Then and Again

Each passage we see
might fall from our eyes
as a time and a place
that we don't memorize.
But then and again
we might surely see
the signs of the times
that live in you and me.
Snowflakes falling
as a Christmastime hue
scented with laughter
from children in view.
A scene you remember
a scene you recall
a scene within winter
as the snowflakes fall.
The minutes become as
a doorway to see
to become as a part
of our own history.
For I can remember
those days oh so clear
the then and again
of a past yesteryear.
They are as echoes
of a Christmas delight
textured as heartbeats
that fell out of sight.
But they're remembered
a Christmas back when
seen as a doorway of
then and again.
©By Bill Pearce
Sept 26,  2018

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