The Season's Alive

When in a memory
of times that are gone
Christmastime lives
in our minds on and on.
The season's alive
as a magical place
remembered as times
with smiles on our face.
The joy's encompassing
as it lives and breathes,
the season's alive
as the falling of leaves.
Fluttering softly
a time you remember,
the season's alive
in times of December.
For just like the pages
from a story book,
the season's alive
just a little mistook.
We forget the reason
for the seasonal way
as we go onwards
in time day to day.
The season's alive
as the months move on
living and breathing
to never be gone.
For by remembering
we help it survive
and that is the reason
the season's alive.
©By Bill Pearce
Sept 30,  2017

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