The Last Christmas Tree

There once was a time
that Christmas prevailed
showing everything
that the season entailed.
Christmas stockings hung
by the old fireplace
with the sight of children
and a winter's embrace.
The tree stood decorated
waiting for the time
for Santa Clause to come
with his jolly frame of mind.
Putting presents under
the tree with many lights
scented with the aroma
of the Christmassy nights.
But yet on the wayside
of an old country road
there was a Christmas tree
with no ones abode.
It waited to be purchased
as Christmas passed by
then it leaned over
and just began to cry.
It was a beautiful tree
that ended up alone
just standing all by itself
without not a home.
Yet someone saw it
and purchased it as well
then the last Christmas tree
had a home then to dwell.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13,  2018

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