The Christmas Store

A walk through the snow
to a time's corner store
brings lifetimes alive
that once lived before.
The scene's remembered
as a Christmas so fine
scented with blessings
that live in my mind.
Watching time go by
ones walk to and fro
as the Christmas store
inside is all aglow.
Filled full of presents
of a Christmas detail
shining so brightly as
the snowflakes set sail.
The moment is a theme
that ones will remember
of the Christmas store
amidst one December.
The gifts are all laid out
with so many choices
as people embrace then
with their singing voices.
Singing of Christmastime
singing of peace
then as they remember
what never should cease.
The time is connected
with heartbeats galore
as ones will remember
the Christmas store.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31,  2018

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