Sorted Threads

Winters remembered
times long before
are now as the threads
to anew to explore.
Memories enlightened
as moments unwind
found as mirror
reflecting a time.
Many sorted threads
are tangles and weaves
a Christmassy essence
of all the mind sees.
Assorted viewpoints
becoming our dreams
seasons of memoirs
the greatest of things.
A wintertime photo
unleashes its view
within sorted threads
of old and anew.
It's a heavenly feeling
that stays on the mind
as a Christmassy day
of a special design.
We all have moments
that live deep within
found in our memories
a time way back when.
Passages flavored as
times sorted threads
pouring as water
filling life's riverbeds.
Leaving a small trace
of minutes that pass
textured as a moment
of our shadowy cast.
Then may seem illusion
that slowly drifts away
leaving sorted threads
in our day after day.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 12,  2018

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