Coming of Winter

The seasons change
bringing us views
echoes of the past
as moments infuse.
Time begins ticking
as clocks on a wall
bringing forth scenes
that stand so tall.
Winter brings snow
as it falls to Earth
seasons come alive
with heavenly birth.
Then as if magic
Christmas appears
as coming of winter
most surely adheres.
Scenes with children
making snowmen
become as the sights
seen again and again.
Some making angels
as wings in the snow
as coming of winter
is a glorious glow.
Shining like crystals
within the sunlight
displayed like magic
a wonderful sight.
The coming of winter
brings forth a view
with lights twinkling
red,  green and blue.
Then for a moment
you might see a plow
clearing off the road
then giving a bow.
A Christmas angel
to help ones to drive
the coming of winter
and then stay alive.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2019

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