Snowy Haze

Time is a season
and life is a quest
as Christmas snow
is the very best.
A season of white
becomes the view
as a snowy haze
and glorious hue.
Imagine the times
the scenes became
as a snowy haze
for times to attain.
Brought so alive
within our minds
a snowy haze's
awesome designs.
Snowflakes falling
landing all around
creating a haze
with nary a sound.
Yet if you listen
closely to the wind
you may just hear
a time transcend.
Scenes with words
floating in the sky
snowflakes falling
with winter's reply.
With a snowy haze
there is much more
a season of style
like times before.
Just like artwork
the season begins
drawing in the sky
with whitish pens.
Hold the moments
inside of your gaze
of a Christmastime
and a snowy haze.
©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10,  2019

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