Snow of Winter

Snow of winter
season's time
becomes as our
moment's mind.
Christmas dreams
of timeless tales
snow of winter
never fails.
It brings stories
then to read
of snow of winter
white as seed.
Planted as visions
within our sight
found as memories
day and night.
Snow of winter
is great to see
seasons greetings
a Christmas tree.
Life is a blessing
many forsake
as all the things
to give and take.
Snow of winter
a wondrous view
as Christmastime
for me and you.
Don't let sadness
to cloud your days,
seek the blessings
through the greys.
Time is but only
a mere memory
as snow of winter
a sight to see.
Look for joyful
a wondrous art
in snow of winter
heart to heart.
©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11,  2019

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