Smiling at Life

The ticktock of time
displays many things
as times that compiled
into so many scenes.
Yet many people
will only look down
showing only sadness
displayed by a frown.
Some see wintertime
as only pure pain
while there are others
with smiles to attain.
Smiling at blessings,
smiling at the snow,
smiling at the scenes
that time does bestow
Don't let the sadness
to envelop your mind,
find you a smile now
at Christmastime.
Go play in the snow
and make a snowman
or toss some snowballs
this moment so grand.
Let the Lord's Spirit
to wash over you
as you smile greatly
at this wonderful view.
Sing Christmas songs,
let your heart to shine
while smiling at life
this time so divine.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17,  2019

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