Seasons Remembered

Flourishing memories
become as a glance
a Christmassy scene
that time did enhance.
Children out playing
in winter's white snow
seasons remembered
that moments bestow.
Counted as snowflakes
that landed in place
becomes as a scene
with a smiling face.
Children had gathered
to enjoy and play
this moment in time
of a Christmassy day.
They built snowmen
and large snowballs
laughing so gleeful
the moment enthralls.
Scented as Christmas
this time brought about
a wonderful moment
I'm never without.
It lives in my memories
it lives in my sight
the pictures I took then
the snow winter white.
Life is a doorway
with a wondrous view
seasons remembered
of a time thereunto.
©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24,  2018

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