Seasonal Style

Winter of Christmas
finds time to show
moments to awaken
of life to bestow.
In seasonal settings
a Christmassy flair
time is a doorway
to a breath of air.
The scents of winter
are stories to tell
as a seasonal style
with love to inhale.
Look to the windows
and see the views
Christmassy essence
of white snowy hues.
Find you a heartbeat
a true beating drum
of a seasonal style
that's second to none.
It invites passion,
and also God's love
a time so divine
from Heaven above.
Seek for the scenes
of Christmassy days
a seasonal style
of magical ways.
Find the blessings
and find you a smile
found in Christmas
that seasonal style.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 5,  2019

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