Season's Cuisine

A snowy matinee
of a seasonal quest
shows but a time
it displays the best.
White snowy scenes
a glimmer of style
displays a time
of a wintery while.
Christmastime sights
in a wintertime way
become as a view
of a joyful display.
Snow flakes falling
become as a view
that's piled so high
in life thereunto.
As a Christmas card
from heaven above
a season's cuisine
is filled full of love.
It awakens hearts
that once had slept
and cheers the ones
that once has wept.
Seeming as magic
the snow falls down
flakes float sweetly
to land all around.
It is a Christmassy
moment of dream
found within winter
as season's cuisine.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 14,  2018

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