Searching For Christmas

Through winter's snow
and an evening sight
I find I'm searching
daylight and night.
The seasonal settings
of glorious hues
as Christmas scenes
of reds, greens and blues.
Scented of a moment
as a burning ember
a time and a place
of one great December.
It might be a time
when you were younger
as a child with dreams
Christmastime wonder.
Thinking of Santa
and his many reindeer
pulling his sleigh
this time of the year.
Seeking for echoes
of his shout in the night
as he leaves ones homes
and flies out of sight.
While I am always
found looking ahead
seeking for Christmas
that lives in my head.
It's a time and a place
that brings joy to me
searching for Christmas
a great sight to see.
©By Bill Pearce
Nov 19,  2018

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