Scented Past

With just but a sight
a season comes alive
as a scene that you pass
on a wintertime drive.
Christmas in essence
of a snowy white day
as a times scented past
with a wintery way.
It unleashes moments
that a heartbeat sees
of scented blessings
that time did conceive.
We each remember
our own scented views
times of the past
each moment ensues.
Bringing about things
we remember so well
as a time and a place
or a certain smell.
Allow for your mind
to open the door
to get a clear glimpse
of a time long before.
A Christmas of bliss
or a winter so white
a time you remember
a time you delight.
Enjoy the good times
your shadows have cast
while you remember
the times scented past.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 18,  2019

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