Scent of Christmas

An aroma in the air
displays in the mind
such a wonderful scene
that is Christmastime.
The scent can become
as a heartfelt array
with a fantastic sight
that comes out to play.
An old country house
becomes such a view
as snow falls upon it
with a magical hue.
The sight comes alive
with snow all around
and Christmas music
displays such a sound.
Jingle Bells playing
on an old radio
as scent of Christmas
joins with the snow.
The song Silent Night
gives a peaceful heart
as snowflakes fall
creating works of art.
The season unleashes
so many sights to see
as the twinkling of lights
on each Christmas tree.
Memories of the past
are written in the wind
as a scent of Christmas
comes around the bend.
©By Bill Pearce
Aug 24,  2019

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