Nights of Christmas
bring forth their shine
gleaming so brightly
a wondrous design.
Scenes come alive
in a magical flair
gleaming of Christmas
in nighttime's fresh air.
A view in the night
might fill your dreams
as lights that glitter
from magical scenes.
Life is a doorway
to a wonderful place,
gleaming so brightly
a time to embrace.
The moments dance
as a sugarplum fairy
and sweet memories
of Christmas so merry.
Scenes come alive
in the twinkling lights,
gleaming so brightly
within Christmas nights.
Life is so glorious
as Christmas bells
along with the aroma
of Christmassy smells.
The scents come alive
in a gleaming array,
Christmas lights glow
in a wonderful way.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 15,  2017

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