A Magical Way

A cold snowy sight,
a picturesque hue
brings forth delight
and dreams to come true.
Its essence is sweet
as a Christmassy day
built upon moments
in a magical way.
Those sweet memories
of the times long ago
are the seeds to unleash
some white fallen snow.
As a painting deep within
of which you remember,
it's a magical scene
that's found in December.
Such a wondrous display
on a cold snowy night
that became as a dream
of the mornings daylight.
A cold snowy scene
of a great point on time
brings Christmas alive
feeling oh so divine.
With a flavor recalled
of a passionate while,
you might then display
the grandest of a smile.
A smile from a moment
when you were so young
in a magical way
of a passed setting sun.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13,  2017

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