Looking Through

Dressed for winter
a scene's surely found
snow on the trees
and snow on the ground.
Life is as billows
with segments of time
while looking through
to a special design.
My eyes are searching
for time as a cue
Christmastime blessings
with wintertime's view.
Trees in the distance
hold snow fluffy white
becoming portions
of season's delight.
I'm looking through
to where it came from
snow covered moments
so heavenly spun.
Time's looking through
with its own special eyes
finding the flavors
of a moment's surprise.
Looking through life
we can often partake
moments of grandeur
that come wide awake.
Now as I'm searching
this magical hue
I find life's alive
as I'm looking through.
©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13,  2018

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