White Road

Beyond a journey
of a snow filled road
time begins pathways
of which to unload.
Becoming a scenic
view on display
with a white road seen
in a Christmassy way.
When looking deeply
into all of the snow
you might see a sign
of a Christmassy flow.
Scented with snowflakes
and seasons own wine,
flavored as emotions
in a Christmas design.
Some only see it
as a road colored white,
but others that see it
see a Christmas delight.
A time that's exploding
into such a stage,
actors as snowflakes
of age unto age.
Time is just a format
that minutes tick on.
A white road continues
its wintertime song.
Life begins pathways
of a timeless abode,
the home for memories
upon a white road.
©By Bill Pearce
Mar 29,  2018

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