Passages Written

Passing as a moment
that minutes connect
time is but a statement
that many dissect.
Not seeing the beauty
of a seasons own sight
as passages written
within day and night.
Many see but only
a time to complain
as the windows of life
open up their domain.
Passages written as
a time to remember,
such as a snowy day
found in December.
The scenes that you see
as you're driving along
can become blessings
a Christmastime song.
Don't allow bitterness
to plant deep within
Seek for the beauty
true life to begin.
You can find peaceful
inside of your mind
if you will allow it
some time to unwind.
The passages written
as a thought or word
can become blessings
as the flight of a bird.
©By Bill Pearce
Mar 22,  2018

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