Momentous Memories

Life is as a journey
becoming as a phase
counted as seconds
of momentous days.
Finding a memory
to bring back a time
found within seasons
of passion and rhyme.
Momentous memories
are timeless to see
as that of heartbeats
in our own history.
Various turnstiles
will open real wide
to allow our memories
somewhere inside.
Momentous segments
of a time long ago
might then display as
some fresh fallen snow.
A Christmastime scene
of a so distant day
becomes as a memoir
of a magical way.
Momentous memories
are fresh air to breathe,
Christmastime miracles
for ones to believe.
It might be imagined
what a heartbeat sees,
but it can be also
momentous memories.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 22,  2017

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