Surely Come Alive
Driving by moments
that display a view
shows many a scene
to come alive as anew.
Seeming as Christmas
the seconds tick on
leaving the essence
of a new day to dawn.
Christmas beginnings
with winter white snow
brings alive moments
that just seem to grow.
Alive as a picture
that God painted true
is a Christmassy scene
He gave me and you.
We might not see them,
we pass them each day,
the times so alive
in a wonderful way.
Open your eyes now
and see what is there,
alive in the makings
as a true breath of air.
Minutes tick onwards
as lifestyles are grown
displaying wonders
as a Christmas cologne.
The aromas so sweet
on a Christmastime drive
are as God's blessings
that surely come alive.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 16,  2017

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