Santa’s Sleigh Ride

It was a stormy night
with his late night sleigh ride.
Gliding with Rudolph's nose as light
and a flashlight held over the side.
He could only see about 10 feet
or maybe even a little less.
He sat on the edge of his seat
while he flew in this terrible mess.
The storm grew stronger and stronger
and he saw no end in sight.
He didn't know how much longer
he could hold out this Christmas night.
His flashlight sadly then grew dim
and Rudolph's nose ceased to glow.
No one but no one could see him or them
and he couldn't see where to go.
Then suddenly he saw a star
within the deep northern sky.
He said by cracky I know where we are
so fly my reindeer fly.
He headed out that Christmas night
with the stars guiding his way.
He flew all night with that guiding light
and he finished his ride Christmas Day.
Then early that Christmas morning
he was seen in his sleigh way up high.
I heard him explain all night it was storming
so that's why I now bid you goodbye.
©By Bill Pearce
Dec 7,  2002

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