Santa's Latino cousin



Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and warm, non-denominational salutations to everyone on the list. For all of the Pagans and Wiccans on the list who are celebrating the solstice today, Seasons Greetings!  

In the spirit of the holiday I have a heart-warming story for you from Lubbock, Texas. Santa's Latino cousin from the South Pole made his annual visit to a number of Texas communities to ensure his naughty-and-nice list was up-to-date.

Pancho Clos has been dropping in on youngsters in the Lubbock area since the early 1970s. He has become such an integral part of the season that many of the children he visited with years - even decades - ago now bring their children to see Pancho.

Pancho doesn't act much different than his better-known cousin from the north. He is a kind, jolly man who spreads Christmas cheer. But to tell the two apart, Pancho Clos wears a red sombrero with elaborate gold designs and a colorful poncho over his traditional red suit.

His mode of transit is different, too. Pancho travels by cart and burros on the ground, not the sleigh being pulled by reindeer in the air.

No word on whether he stuffs your stockings with roasted chili peppers and tamales.

What Santa Claus can't get to, Pancho Clos helps," said Edward Quirino, who has portrayed Pancho in the past.







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