Santa's Flight

A night to remember
brings into view
the sight of old Santa
with reindeer that flew.
Flying across the sky
in his Christmas sleigh
hidden from our eyes
in a magical way.
He's in the moonlight
with jingling bells
that seems as music
our story foretells.
Children fast asleep
and dreaming so sweet
thoughts of old Santa
his HoHo to greet.
They dream of his flight
through wintery skies
and some stay up late
to try to surprise.
Attempting to capture
a glimpse of his suit
and all of his reindeer
their nighttime pursuit.
Yet Santa's ready
to be gone with the wind
as he leaves all the gifts
too quick to apprehend.
Then, soon to the stars
and the bright moonlight
he continues onwards
it is Santa's flight.
©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29,  2018

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