Ready For Winter

I envision a memory
that lives inside my head,
it's a winter wonderland
with snow widely spread.
It lands upon the scenery
creating so much more
winter with a breath of air
is there to then explore.
It creates one by one,
snowflakes fall in place
frozen art from up above
that lands upon my face.
Becoming as a memory
that then was oh so grand
as it floats upon the Earth
and lands in my hand.
Yet now it's summer
becoming close to fall
as the days move ahead
awaiting colors for all.
Life is like a chalkboard
ones erase for more to see
giving room for new life
to come and make it be.
So now my memory
gives forth a scenic sight,
one that of Christmas
that's a wonderland white.
It comes within my view
sitting front and center.
I'm a Christmas dreamer
that's ready for winter.
©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2020

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