Ready For Snow

Beginnings and endings
of seasonal views
brings forth the wantings
of choices to choose.
Some wanting summer
when it is so warm,
but I'm wanting winter
with its seasonal charm
Snowflakes as a dream
of a time so sublime
I'm ready for snow
and that seasonal time.
Not just for winter,
but for music to play
songs about sleighbells
and Christmas Day.
We each view differently
the rain or the snow
and the hot of summer
and winds that blow.
Yet it doesn't stop me
for wanting to reminisce
snowflakes of Christmas
as its seasonal kiss.
The dreams live on
deep inside of my mind,
I'm ready for snow
and Christmastime.
Though I must wait now
for that wondrous glow
the seasonal settings
I'm ready for snow.
©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2019

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