Ready For Christmas

A snowy white day
brings forth a scene,
a sight in my mind,
a wonderful dream.
The seasons sunshine
is as a bright beacon
shining my hopeful
that will never weaken.
The  time is a page
of a wintertime book
ready for Christmas
a seasonal look.
A time when hearts
are beating with passion
that joyful memoir
a little old fashioned.
I'm ready for Christmas
and all of its glory
as I wait here today
to hear that great story.
The story of Christmas
as magic to my ears
displays all the blessings
that I hold so dear.
The songs of Christmas
and seasons white snow
I yearn to hear now
on the old radio.
I'm ready for Christmas
with heart beating fast
while I'm dreaming
of it's wonderful past.
©By Bill Pearce
May 18,  2017

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