Portfolio of Life

Written in the minds
of wintertime's views
many may perceive
those holiday hues.
Christmas enhanced
as a stage in flow
found as a pattern
of Christmassy snow.
A mere portfolio
things accounted for
timelessly seeming
to some so bizarre.
Many though love it
the sceneries bliss
Christmas in essence
of a wintertime kiss.
Time becomes alive
as then is in place
a portfolio of life
that many embrace.
Dreamers of time
become as they wish
as written in pages
of days of delish.
Scenes ones see
that are oh so divine
as Christmas lights
twinkle and shine.
Putting forth a glow
of a season of style
a portfolio of life
to give ones a smile.
A glimmering scene
that many will view
enlightens their eyes
red, green and blue.
Yet it's just a dream
that's written within
a portfolio of life
in hopes to begin.
©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30,  2019

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