Christmas Poems by Bill Pearce


Yes, it is that time of year that brings hope and joy and some of us grab a pencil and start writing poems. You find here some poems written by my good friend in Maine, Bill Pearce. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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Christmas 2014 Poems by Bill Pearce

Search For Christmas
Signs Of Christmas
Till Then
Lights Of Christmas

Christmas Quest
A Christmas Dream
Hearts of Time
Beyond November
A Distant Thought

After The Day
Counting Snowflakes
Christmas Of Old
December Snowflakes

Christmas 2013 Poems by Bill Pearce

Thinking of Christmas
Gleaming Christmas
A Winter Wonderland
Believing in Christmas
As I Assess
The Christmas Train
Christmas in July
When The Snow Falls
My Times Of Christmas
The Season of Blessings
Special Memories
Faded Memories
The First Snow
The Touch
This Small Boy
Winter’s Promenade
Beyond The Snow
Snowy Scenes
Christmas Morn
Christmas Grows Closer
Christmas Arrival
Christmas Lights
Holiday Treasures
Curious Cloud
Remember When
Crossing Paths
Nobodies Tree
Haze of Winter
Rolling The Snow
Snowflakes of Christmas

Christmas Past
Christmas Comes
A Christmas Type Mind
Christmastimes Haze
When Christmas Comes
Seconds of Christmas
When Summer’s Gone
Within A Snowflake
December Thoughts
Christmas of Then
Soon Will Come
My Favorite Time
Amidst A Smile
Christmas Is Knocking
Cherished Thoughts
Flavors Of Snow
A Change Of Heart
A Christmas Card
My Yesterdays Christmas
Many Clouds
In My Shadows
Delivering Love
Wondrous Thoughts
Infinite Christmas
The Seasons Glance
A Northeastern Lullaby
Christmas Perception
After Christmas Eve
Beyond And Before
A Christmas Light Night

Days of Then
Seasons Delight
I Think Of Christmas
 Christmastime Snowscape
Winter’s Style
As I Remember
Long Ago
Soon Will Be Christmas
While It Snows
Portraits Hung
The Lost Snowflake
Christmas Winds
The Fragrance of Christmas
A Boy With A Drum
Finding Christmas
As Time Moves Onwards
Winter Comes Closer
Christmas Windows
A Snowflakes Dream
Looking For Snow
Can You Hear The Bells?
Childhood Christmas
Snowman's Flurry
Christmas Slumber
Seasons In The Sun
Heavenly Christmas
Morn of Essence
Needs of The Heart
Flavored Sunset
Wings of Prayer

Christmas 2012 Poems by Bill Pearce

A Tiny Little Town
Let's Make Christmas
Without Christmas
It Is Christmas
Waiting For Snowflakes
Another Summer Mile
Christmas Wishing
A Well Painted Christmas
Winters Prelude
Beyond Christmas
Some Call It Xmas
Soon It Will Be
Christmas Prelude
Life With Christmas
In This Season
Trees of White
Closer To See
Oh So Jolly
Portions of Dreams
A Glimpse of Christmas
Winter's Wonders
Showing True
Scenes Are Changing
Red, Blue and Green
Bits and Pieces
Christmas Pictures
Look Now and See
A Christmas Prayer
The Whitest Christmas
Tender Moments
Lights That Glisten
Pages of Winter
Soon After Christmas
Too Many Times

Christmastime's Moments
A Christmas Setting
Christmas Shadows
Dreaming of Christmas
Dreams of Christmas
A Christmas Thought
Christmas in Disguise
Christmas of Winter
I Just Dream of A Christmas
Christmas So Soon
So Many Hearts
Holiday Blessings
That First Snowflake
Christmastime's Seconds
Beyond Christmas
Scenes of Christmas
Painted Seasons
Hurried To See
Jesus in Christmas
Shadows of Time
A Manger Scene
Scents of Christmas
Christmas Snowflakes
Searching For Snowflakes
Glistening Trees
Nearer To Christmas
Jumping in Snow
Believing in Santa
The Heart of Christmas
Beyond Today
Soon To Come
A Few Days Till Christmas
I Now Can Recall
Peering At Winter

Sometime After Christmas
Yesterdays Christmas
Christmas Flare
White Days of Time
Some Say Christmas
Christmas Card
Dreams of Winter
Seeking Christmas
Seasonal Echoes
Heartfelt Scenes
Closer To Christmas
Flavors of Christmas
Forever Christmas
Sights of Christmas
Snowflakes Fall
When In Time
Glimmers of Christmas
Heavenly Sight
Seasons Charm
Their Christmas Surprise
Winter's Wonderland
My Whitish View
Cloudy Skies
Soon Comes Christmas
Painted Doorways
Winters Revival
Sentimental Journey
Now Might Be
The Christmas Secret
Winter Comes
Windows I've Seen
The Snow Comes
Comforting Calm
After Then

Christmas 2011 Poems by Bill Pearce

The Snowflakes
Christmas Thoughts
With A Trace
Sweet Remembrance`
Holiday Moments
Winter's Signs
A Snowy Serenade
Like A Snowflake
Painted Here
Christmas Mornings
Times Remembered
Ancient Echoes
A Winter's Story
Thens Christmas Way
Seeing Christmas
The Littlest Snowflake
I Was Dreaming
Built By Snowflakes
Merry Christmastime
Day That He Came
Scenic Hue
Catching Snowflakes
Personalized Christmases
Spread The Joy
Christmas Cheer
That Little Scene
Make New Dreams
Some Think Christmas
Scenes So Joyful
He Gave His Son
Remember That Feeling
Christmas Stars

Looking Backwards
Winds of Winter
Mornings Snow
Mornings Light
Now Is
Sometimes Seasons
Crispy And New
Christmas Memories
Christmas Dreams
Christmas Night
Mornings Like This
Life of Christmas
In This Dream
More Than HoHoHo
Christmastime Joy
Christmas Kiss
Christmas View
Wintertime's Come
Keeping Santa
Winter Is Here
Merry Christmas
A Christmas Sight
Turning of A Page
Letters To Santa
Let Not Judgment
Christmas Blessings
A Dreamers Ship
Christmas Settings
December Mornings
Father Christmas


Make It Christmas
The Christmas Dream
Winters Dreams
A Snowman's Birth
Snowy Blessings
Made A View
The Unopened Flower
Christmastime Another Day
Hearing Footsteps
Winters Passion
Christmas Breeze
Many Memories
Timeless Dream
Wishing For Winter
It Has Come True
Seeing Christmas
Christmas Hue
Let God's Gladness
God's Blessings
I Feel Winter
Jesus Abound
Seasons Shadows
Through The Window
This Fine Weather
The Main Point of View
Then Christmas Started
Christmas Glory
Great Design
Filled With Grace
Sound of His Name
That Dream Came Alive
Heaven's Sight To See
Christmas Remembered

Christmas 2010 Poems by Bill Pearce

Living With Me
White Painted Hillsides
My Daily Display
In The Distance
I'm Just Awaiting
Winters Playground
The Seasons
Dreaming Shoes
The Season's Coming
Christmastime Cause
It Can Be Christmas
How I View
I'll Just Sit And Wait
When It Is Snowing
New England's Visions
Joyful Through Minutes
Snowflakes Falling
Stars of Winter
Wintertime Days
Moments In Time
The Joy of Christmas
Its Time To Be
Winds of Wonder
I Long Await
Christmastime Soon
Snowy Dream
Scenes From My Dreams
Hearts of Christmas
Christmas Portals
Windows of Christmas
Christmas To See
Seasons Greetings
Don't Be Greedy

White Glistened Dew
Christmas TV
Winter Paints Pictures
Beauty For Free
Wintertime's Porthole
True Christmastime
Share Christmas
Seasons Journeys
Dear Wintertime
Just Dreaming
Allowing Wintertime
Winter To See
In The window
Laid In December
Let The Joy
Wintertime's Meanings
Moments View
Looking Profusely
I'll Catch Pictures
Winter Will Be
Giving His Drumbeats
To Never Leave
Christmastime Parade
Christmastime Symptoms
Welcome Christmastime
Christmas Snow
Begun As A Baby
Wintertime's Weather
Enlighten Christmas Day
Built From Snowflakes
Giving Love
This Christmas

Christmastime Cheer
Wintertime's Day
On My Journey
I Remember Laughter
Spring Through Fall
Winters Midmorning
Christmas In June
Always To See
Times Awaken
Christmas Displays
We'll Soon Be Seeing
Christmas That I know
Christmas All Around
I Dream of Christmas
Christmastime Glory
Long Cold Winters
Florescent Views
Winter White Views
Winters Explosion
Christmas Joy Embrace
If You Have Shadows
So Divine
I Thought I Heard
Always In Amaze
Poems of Christmastimes
Snowy Moments
Winter's Prelude
Now and Then
Soon We'll See
Christmas Sights
A Wonderful View
This Wondrous Season
Christmas Delish
Being Grateful

Christmas 2009 Poems by Bill Pearce

More Snowy Days
Magical Way
Pigment of Winter
The Prelude
Until Christmas Day
Dusk Unto Dawn
Then After Fall
Wanting For Christmas
As I Am Waiting
You'll Find Christmas
I Seek December
Christmas So Fine
Time's Painted Field
White Snow To You
In Christmas Gaze
None Can Compete
Christmastime Bless
Wonderful Days
Then and Before
December Shadows
Fragments of Christmases
Timeless Complete
God's Only Son
Coming To Town

Should Always Be
Not One The Same
Remembers Just Right
Christmas To Start
I Was Just Thinking
The Sounds of Nature
God's Brush
Christmastime Peace
Winter Is Coming
Christmas Enlightens
Can You Hear?
Christmas and Me
Winter's Running
Soon Winter's Coming
What He's Bought
Christmas of Glass
Christmas in Mind
Outshines Them All
Wonderful Magical Times
Don't Let Him See You
Christmas Like Mind
Its Very Own
True Solid Ground
Take Christmas With You

Jesus Christ Cares
So That's Why
Inside of Your View
Miracles of Dreaming
Dreams To Fulfill
Summertime's Pages
Dreams As A Friend
It's Christmas Design
Wintertime's Grin
Christmas To Come
Beauty It Makes
Reflecting On Cue
The Birds Will Return
That I Delight
White Snows Array
Me Reminiscing
God's Flowering Love
In But A Moment
The Greatest Today
Winters Percussions
All That's Remembered
The Slightest Snowflake
A Jingle Bell Song
Waiting For Santa

Christmas 2008 Poems by Bill Pearce

Christmas Of Journey's
Christmassy Moments
A Time Standing Tall
Soon Coming True
The Christmases Then
Christmas Type Portals
What I Can Remember
Take On Christmastime
Christmas Sightseeing
Dreams Burning Ember
Wintertime's Winter Winds
Nothing To Lose
It's Snowy Cuisine
Twinkle The Snowflakes
Then After Christmas
Now I Remember
A Victorian View
Moments To Dine
Pave A Way
As I Reminisce
Jesus Good Will
Fluttered Gracefully
Upon The Wintertime's

Whitish Parfait
The First White Christmas
Somewhere An Angel
Always With Christmas
When I'm Feeling Grey
That Christmas Appeal
Sweet Christmastime
So Many Forgetting
My Favorite Season
Christmas Is Soon
Christmas Surprise
Given By Grace
This Fine Month
Seeking Each Design
Segments of Christmastime
This I Remember
Waiting for Christmas
Coming Christmastime
Each Little Snow Flake
If You Remember
God's True Living Bell
For Us To Amaze
Try To Remember

Wishing For Christmas
The Place I Remember
That Christmas Day
Time Capsules
My Special Day
The Echoes of Colors
I Remember Christmas
If Not For Christmas
Scented In Scene
Winter's Design
Colors of Turquoise
The Weather is Changing
White Snowy Settings
Its Magical Phase
When Snow's Refrozen
Christmas Is More
Watched Christmas Come True
Walkway of Time
Great Christmastime
Continue Your Wishing
My Little Choo Choo
That Day Of Christmas
Two Days After Christmas

Christmas 2007 Poems by Bill Pearce

One By One on Christmas
There In My Past
If You Can Dream It
One Magic Night
Christmas Delight
Trickling White Snow
Dream in My Past
Nowhere To Go
A Baby To Grow
Dreams I Wish True
Make Yourself Santa
More To Adore
Christmastime Dream
Give Ones A Sign
A Time That I Remember
A Worrywart
Then And There
Forgiven Advance
Help Ones Be Better

Coming This Way
No Matter The Day
Memories Come True
Be A Good Giver
Trying To Imagine
Snowstorm of White
The Greatest of Seasons
Please Remember
Hold Tight To Christmas
Gifts From The Heart
Treasures of Santa
November Nights
Please Tell Them
In Repair
He Was Born Jesus
Thank You Dear Members
Christmas of White
Christmas That You'll Reminisce

In That Memory
The Snowman and Santa
Fallen White Snow
Sweet Christmas Mind
The Valley of Green Grass
An Evening of Summer
Him In The Sky
Watching Me Always
Let The Joy Ring
The Essence of Christmas
Every Season
Christmas Hello's
Cold Winters Way
Christmas Snow Falling
Open Your Heart Up
Christmas Can Prosper
Jingle Bells Sound
Santa Claus Mind
After Christmas Time

Christmas 2006 Poems by Bill Pearce

Santa in The Summer
Santa and His Flying Rig
Baby Jesus in The Hay
Santa's Guidance System
September Evening
I'm Just A Dream
The Light Giving Savior
A Snowman To Cuddle
Christmas Array
Thoughts of Christmas

This Song's Sung
Due To Memories
Calling old Santa
The Christmas Way
Better Than None
A Simple Photograph
Summer of Santa
Christmas Come True
Take Now This Season
The Little Snowflake

Santa at The Beach
True Living Bell
His Own Red Flow
My Christmas List
Santa Claus's Spirit
Jesus is The Glory
I Heard A Story
Such A Son
Frosty or John

Christmas 2005 Poems by Bill Pearce

I Know It's Early
Good Cheer
Christmas Rhyme
Christmas Eve at Night
Gave Us Everything
Christmas Angel
Watching Closer
Those Special Days
Christmas is Coming
Reminded This Christmas
Months After Christmas

Christmas Eve This Way
Old Christmas Songs
Santa's Coming
Christmas Green
Coming Soon This Year
Give A Smile
Santa Dreams
The Lonely Guys Christmas
Many Times Says NO
Toy From Santa
Exist in Everyone

Might Come True
Some Crisp December
The Seasons Reason
Christmas Time To See
A Jingle Jangle
Roly-Poly Guy
Worth A Dime
Born For Me and You
This Texas Town
My Old Spotlight

Christmas 2004 Poems by Bill Pearce

Three Days Before Christmas
The Ghost of Christmas Past
This Coming Christmas Day
Santa Sees
Lifetime Christmas Present
Hey Santa
Christmas in My Mind
Savior Lord and King

Christmas Drive
Go To Bed
Isn’t Only
Visions of Christmas
Never Die
Better One By Far
Like a Manger Scene

Christmas Treasure
Be Santa
Joyfull Occasion
Yuletide Carols
Just For Me
What It Means To You
Looking at Christmas Lights

Christmas 2003 Poems by Bill Pearce

Christmas Eve Night
I Can Dream
The Sound Of Christmas
Christmas In The Making
Silent Night
Joy To The World
Totally Miss
Wonderful Christmas
You Will Find
Help You Then Begin
All About Christmas
Christmas Has Begun

Christmas Day
Santa’s Sleigh Ride
Greenville Christmas
Christmas Star
Why Christmas Time Is Here
Green Christmas
Jingle Bells We’ll Here
My Christmas Gift
Buy Me a Christmas Gift
Santa’s Delivery

A Letter To Santa
Santa’s First Visit
If I Were An Angel
Keep The Joy Of Christmas
White Christmas
Christmas All Year Long
A Christmas Story
This Christmas Day
The Christmas Alphabet
A Second After Christmas
The Joy Of Christmas Day


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