Places In Time

Minutes march onwards
as time might repeat
displaying Christmases
with winters receipt.
Those places in time
that we might recall
as a little country drive
that time did install.
We may remember
a little house on the way
in the places in time
of a Christmastime day.
You might even feel
the feeling once again
as a picture comes alive
with the magic within.
Living as a turnstile
breathing as a blessing
all those places are like
Thanksgiving dressing.
Tasty little morsels
of a passionate place
scented that of Christmas
with a wintertime taste.
We each have memories
that might come and go,
with some of sunshine
and some of snow.
Yet a mere photograph
will help to remind
of a Christmas of then
in the places in time.
©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2019

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